Engineering Design Consultancy

P1 Engineering Solutions offer free design consultations to review your existing practices. We have helped a wide range of manufacturing companies identify areas of inefficiency, particularly in replicating automated processes with bespoke machines. We are also equipped to fabricate your machine ideas into working prototypes or fully marketable finished products. Please take a look at our case studies and product range to see ways in which we have helped companies to increase revenue, long term.

The Manufacturing Advisory Service

If you are looking to gain financial support and manufacturing advice you may be interested in accreditation with the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS). MAS help to address the needs of manufacturers through advice and guidance delivered by experienced manufacturing specialists and draws upon a network of world-class associates. MAS interventions have created vast improvments in productivity , defect reductions, improved space utilisation, on time delivery improvements, increased stock turnover and overall equipment effectiveness. This can be in the form of straight forward advice to funding or direct support and training. The majority of Yorkshire & Humber MAS services are open to all companies regardless of size. As long as your business is engaged in manufacturing and has a manufacturing facility based within the Yorkshire & Humber region they can help.

P1 Technology

P1 Technology is the parent company of P1 Engineering Solutions providing a product and engineering design service to help you take design ideas to manufacture. They have undertaken over 70 projects, many of which are engineering design based with expertise in moving parts and hydraulics. If you have a design concept or would like some bespoke design work to help your existing practices please contact P1 Technology on 0843 886 6468 or email, or alternatively visit the website at

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