Agricultural Machinery

Our project brief for Legacy Habitat Management was to design a machine to combat the problem of installing Newt Fencing. Newts are a protected species in the UK and they require habitat management, especially when construction or agricultural work is involved. The original process was labour and time intensive; involving hours and hours of work of teams of people, installing straight partitions part underground part over ground post after post. This was not an ideal solution as the Newts dig underground and can get under the straight-sided fences. (unable to show images of the machine at this point in time).

Made In Sheffield

The solution was to somehow install curved bottomed plastic sheeting into the ground, and to automate the process to save time and ultimately money for the client and the end user. After extensive research into the industry, we came up with a design to allow sheeting to be fed at an angle into the ground with a pre-constructed curved shape. This would be ploughed into the ground and the soil would back fill, holding the fence in a curved position underground. This would be enough to prevent the newts from escaping easily.

Made In Sheffield

The sheet metal designed plough was created entirely in 3D CAD; harnessing the technical capabilities of engineering software to generate flat patterns for laser cutting and 2D Drawing output, reducing the time to prototype. In our workshop we fabricated and welded the working prototype. 2 year on and the same prototype is still going strong after 100's of hours of newt protecting service. From concept to manufacture, P1 technology and Engineering Solutions made it happen.

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